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History Arts & Culture Submission Directory

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Link: http://mortenstgeorge.info
Topics include Tiahuanaco, the Nazca Lines, the Voynich Manuscript, the Fosicrucians, the Prophecies of Nostradamus, the Shakespeare Authorship Question, and the Discovery of Australia. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.worldwarIImemorabilia.com
This website contains a great source for World War II history buffs to find any historical book written about this great conflict. (more info...)
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Link: http://whenintime.com
whenintime is a web application that enables users to create, view,explore and contribute to interactive digital timelines on the topic of their choice (more info...)
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Link: http://www.historicalpakistan.blogspot.com/
Pakistan is a home to some great and beautiful archaeological sites in the world. Such as the remains of Indus valley civilization, one of the earliest human civilizations in the world, ruins of Buddhist temples and monasteries, Hindu Temples, great (more info...)
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Link: http://www.historical-autographs.com
Preeminent leader in historical letters, autographs and signed documents. Contact us for our latest catalogue. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.genealogia.info
Surname origin, family crest and history of the surnames as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hebrew, English, Irish and more. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.rockin-rodwell.com
A look at the classic rock past from hairstyles, clothing, trends, rock and roll hall of fame, glam bands, heavy metal bands and a one of a kind rock and roll story from the world's greatest screamer. (more info...)
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Link: http://saint-joan-of-arc.blogspot.com/
Joan of Arc Blog containing information about the life and history of Joan of Arc and well as the latest topics of interested related to Joan currently being discussed. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.pakzee.com/wiki
Pakzee Wiki! the free Pakistani Arts,pakistan History,Society pakistan,pakistan provinces,pakistan districts encyclopedia that anyone can edit (more info...)
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Link: http://www.shipwrecksofegypt.com
A directory of Shipwrecks and Underwater Archaeology Sites located in Egypt. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.biblicalarcheology.net
Bible archeology researched site with biblical archaeology, bible customs manners and history. Free courses on archeology. Large number of public domain and free archeology photographs. Exhaustive information, many can be reproduced (more info...)
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Link: http://www.worldwarwonders.co.uk
World War Wonders has a huge selection of militaria, military collectibles and memorabilia, spanning Pre-WW1 to post WW2. From military medals to field gear and specialist equipment, we stock sought after items for the military collector and enthusia (more info...)
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Link: http://www.chronorama.net
Historical timelines with illustrated cards. A timeline engine, a blog with press articles and videos. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.findfamilytree.org
With our state of the art ancestry database, you will be able to find all the necessary information you will need to begin creating your very own family tree. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.anypersonhistory.info
You can see any person history on this site..... (more info...)
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 Home >> Arts & Culture >> History
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