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History Education & Science Submission Directory

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Link: http://examcertify.co.uk/
ExamCertify offers Practice Test Software for professionals and students in order or prepare for their courses in real exam environment. (more info...)
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Link: http://historystack.com/
General timeline of cosmological, evolutionary, and historical events (more info...)
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Link: http://www.indianiasacademy.com
We providing the Civil Coaching Center to the students in all over the Chennai. Civil Service Coaching Center In Chennai, IAS Institute In Chennai, UPSC, Indian IAS Academy - TNPSC.We emerge as to creating and disseminating knowledge, and providing (more info...)
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Link: http://www.weekipedia.co.uk
History and origins of the days of the week. Where do the names of the days of the week come from. History, music, quotes and more. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.interestingushistory.com
Interesting history facts, myths and more. Did you know that some things we take for granted today may not be around today if not for a lucky break? Check out this web site for these and other interesting history stories. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.heroletters.com
Excerpts and photos of actual letters written during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other military items. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.forgottencivilizations.com/
Why humanity tries to find out what happened million years ago and what attainments had different civilizations are two critical problems man wants to decide. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.greekancientgods.com/
This is where you can find out some about society of earliest Greece, about gods earliest Greeks trusted in, about authorities those gods were managed and about source of each god. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.trojanhorsefacts.com
The Trojan Horse through history, from the myth (or was it?) to the modern day troublesome computer virus, this website has the details on all if it. The good, the bad, the ugly. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.clarionvoice.com
For over 35 years Lawrence Hilliard has taught theology, philosophy, religion and creation. In an anthropocentric world Mr. Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.aztec-history.net
Aztec history is a rich history of Aztec Indians that lived in the area of south central Mexico. Aztecs are especially known for their military achievements, their Aztec warriors and their pyramids that were used for human sacrifice. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.hedog.com
He Dog was a historic Native American that fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn, and was closely associated with Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.historicalwarfare.com
Historical Warfare is the one stop shop where individuals, groups and dealers can find research and hobby information, reviews and event details for military history topics, all on a single web site (more info...)
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Link: http://www.ninatour.com
Journey to St. Petersburg, Russia. Major attractions of St. Petersburg, museums, parks and cathedrals of St. Petersburg. You will be accompanied by your personal professional tour guide. (more info...)
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Link: http://www.thewayofthepirates.com/
Plenty of information about the famous pirates, piracy throughout history and details about pirate's life and fiction. (more info...)
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 Home >> Education & Science >> History
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